Microsoft just released the possibility in preview to send organizational messages to Windows 11 devices (22H2). With organizational messages we can send Notification area messages, Taskbar messages and get started messages.

How does organizational messages work

We have the possibility to send messages to users where Microsoft provides pre-written templates. there is a possibility to add custom URL to a website like SharePoint sites to create something like an adoption framework. The organizational messages can be assigned to User group only.

Get started app messages will appear in the get started app. When a device is enrolled the message will appear and can be used as an adoption message, organization information, etc.

Organizational messages

Notification area messages will appear like the name already telling in the notification area as a pop-up. these will be repeated until the user interacts with the pop-up and with a frequency you set as a admin.

organizational message notification

Taskbar messages will appear in the taskbar/desktop and can be used to deliver important notifications and will stay visible until the user dismisses it.

Create an organizational message

Logon to the Intune portal to start creating our first organizational message. Click on Tenant admin | Organizational messages.

Click on Message and click create and choose message type. I will be using get started app.

Click Ok

Here we can add a logo with the following size 50 pixels high x 50-100 pixels wide, and in PNG format with a transparent background.

Add you’re first message by clicking the + here you can choose review benefits, review organization or get started with device. I will choose get started with device.

Add you’re second message by clicking the + here you can choose organizational training, organization policies, help resources or update VPN. I will choose help resources.

Next up is providing a link to the domain this can only be custom domains added to Azure. and what you can do more is adding path behind the link to send the user to the right URL. If you are ready, click OK

Choose language to preview, I will choose English , Organizational messages are available in 16 languages to enable Admins to quickly reach users in their selected language setting . You can preview the message in all languages to review the user experience.

We now have the possibility to preview the Get started app message in normal view and dark mode

Click next

Click on Always on and click next

Assign it to a user group (You can only assign messages to user groups, not device groups. Groups that include both users and devices will only send messages to users.)

Click next and Create

Create policy to allow delivery of Organizational messages

In many cases we would like to block several settings for users to create a secure baseline for our users and devices. Therefore, sometimes there is a block on experience and Windows Spotlight what would block the delivery of an organizational message.

Now we need to create a settings catalog policy to allow the organizational messages to be delivered, this can also be done with a device restriction policy, but because of I like to prefer the settings catalog for this I will create this.

Go to DevicesĀ | Configuration profiles

Click on + Create profile

Fill in a policy name and click next. Search for Enable delivery of organizational messages

and enable it and assign it to the group of your liking


There could be a lot of use cases for these messages for what I have seen in this preview. We can help Users onboarding and training with these messages. Would be nice to get a message as soon as possible to a device if needed. How is it going to look at an end user’s device when a message arrives.

Her you can see the get started app how it arrives on a user’s device

A notification message

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